My moms guilting me on how much I’ve cost my family due to me needing surgery and medicine and how much it is and how I couldn’t even manage to go to college like everyone else and I feel like such a huge price of shit.

I’m mad because why would you say that to someone who you cover usually? Just to make me feel like shit.
She said also that she hopes I’m having such a good break off because she’s not sure if I’m going to be able to be mature? Enough for college next year

I’m sorry for having health problems and I can’t pay for them on my own. I feel sick already why did you need to tell Mr that I already cause so much shit for you apparently


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i have no idea about which jojo to cosplay first?

i really want to be FF but i pretty much love everyone from any part bruh i just need help deciding for right now 

if anyone has any suggestions let me know?

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vermont is weird but chill.  let me out