when the potion seller won’t sell you his strongest potions

RUMOR - Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U leaks came from within NoA


- Nintendo have identified the leaker
- the leaker has been fired and is being sued.
- he was an employee of NoA who was sending materials to the ESRB
- the leaker still has a copy of the Smash Bros 3DS game in his possession
- he also has one of the 3DS systems used for internal ratings

u know sakurai is gonna rip his head off

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Otherkin is not the strict belief of the idea you were reincarnated. It is not the strict belief that you are “actually” an animal “trapped” in a human body. It is, simply put, the belief, idea, or feeling, that you are somehow, in some way, connected to something, a being, entity, creature, or thing, that is not you in your current physical form and/or consciousness.

RIP Smash Bros Leaker Who Nintendo Will Track Down And Throw Into The Void