Creature of the black lagoon

I can feel it, I did a fish/lagoon inspired costume makeup once? It’s meant to be

I could see you as a ghost, not like sheet over head, but really decked out elegant ghost.

When I’m dead I’ll be haunt couture B^)

(Thanks for the ask!!)

In the spirit of Halloween, I see you as an ancient, benevolent Treant that faeries like to nest in.

SWEET THIS IS ME SPIRITUALLY. Gotta walk the veil of elphame. (I really want to do tree/woodland makeup for anything so bad)

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?


Things to look forward to in October
1. Halloweentown
2. Halloweentown 2 Kalabar’s Revenge
3. Halloweentown High
4. Return to Hallloweentown




     all text posts in october must be
              formatted like this



                I will fist myself.
     I just don’t care anymore, Mom.


pharrell is a weeaboo 

even though im pretty broke right now what are the big east coast conventions? i live in vermont now and i want to cosplay soon

followers/people let me know please